My Hero Academia Season 3

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My Hero Academia Season 3


My Hero Academia Season 3 has returned and we also have some imported products coming in soon. If you are not familiar with this Anime/Manga series let get a quick recap. 

This show is about a group of student born or handed down special abilities known as “quirks”. They attend a special school fit on training the next batch of superheroes. The number one hero I. This universe is a hero called All Might (he is like their Superman not with exact powers though).

 As the students train they are occasionally put in realistic situations against various super villains. They even have their own group called the League of Villains. Which is pretty great as it has a reminiscent feel of the Legion of Doom. Boku No Hero Academia as it is known by is in its 44th issue. So if you don’t have the ability to catch up on all that reading you can watch the first two seasons and then the currently airing third season on channels like Crunchyroll or Funimation. 

If you are into everything superhero related this is a great show, which I think will have a pretty decent run since they have not hashed out all the plot lines. We will be bringing in a certain amount of collectible characters and adding to the site as they are released. Keep an eye out because these items maybe hard to come by one sold out.

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