NECA: Cornerstone of Collectible Distribution

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NECA: Cornerstone of Collectible Distribution


Have you ever visited your favorite comic book store or hobby shop and admired the collectible
figures available for purchase? Did you ever wonder where they get such awesome merchandise to sell? Those very figures that you want to add to your mantlepiece army at home - or budding battalion, if you’re just starting - more than likely came from NECA.

The National Entertainment Collectibles Association is a leading manufacturer of pop culture
consumer products in the United States. Whether what you’re looking for is from film, television,
the gaming industry, or comics, you’re sure to find something within NECA’s vast catalog. This
merchandising magante boasts a diverse selection of licenses from classic to current.
While NECA’s array of items are indeed varied, the company holds a niche in horror genre
merchandising. Many of its licenses are prominent horror franchises, such as Friday the 13th, A
Nightmare on Elm Street, Alien, and Predator, to name but a few. These pieces are meant for
the more adult collector as they are exquisitely detailed in their grotesque features and, in many
cases, come with various accessories and are poseable.

Despite the relative youth of the company, which was founded in 1996, it has seen rapid growth
in recent years due to key acquisitions. In 2014, it took ownership over the struggling vinyl toy
designer Kidrobot and, just four months ago,  reported that NECA bought out the joint venture of Joseph Enterprises,
Inc. (JEI) and Joseph Pedott Advertising and Marketing, Inc. (JPAM). Pedott, owner of the pair
for over half a century, is the person responsible for the Chia Pet as well as the Clapper, two of
the most popular As Seen On TV items from the last 30+ years. Considering the many forms
the former product has taken over the decades, we can be sure NECA will likely expand Chia
Pet incarnations even further. Imagine the marketing possibilities: the Chia Gremlin (where
Stripe gets a new ‘do!), the Chia Exorcist (looks like Regan switched up her diet), or the Chia
Sweeney Todd, the Demon Landscaper of Fleet Street, perhaps?

Please be sure to visit our webpage to check out merchandise available from NECA,
including some exciting figures available for pre-order! Any and all are worthy additions to your
ever-expanding collection.

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