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Toy Biz Marvel X-Men Figure Senyaka MOC Mutant Genesis Series 1995


    Dark Phoenix with Light Up Hair and Eyes Marvel Universe Action Figure - By Toy Biz


    Exploding out of the Marvel Universe are its greatest heroes and most powerful villains! When a Stark Enterprises' scientist captures Venom in order to create a symbiote army, Spider-Man and Iceman team-up to stop him! Joined by the X-Men's Phoenix, the trio are able to destroy the laboratory and end the madman's plans. Putting the scientist into the custody of Iron Man, Phoenix leaves the Earth for deep space, fearing the return of her dark side.

      Spiral X-Men 1995 Action Figure Toy Biz Marvel


        Gambit X-men Animated Classics Toy Biz Power Kick Action Figure

        Item not mint. Has crease on bottom corner.

          The Uncanny X-Men, X-Force Cannonball Catapult Launching Action Figure


          Packaging is not Mint. Has some wear. It has an originals Toys R Us Price Tag.

          Produced by Toy Biz, this pink variant 5-inch scale Cannonball action figure features a catapult backpack and a catapult launching action.